Project Description


KAE is proud to have assisted UNSW and BLL to deliver this state of the art PC2 cancer research facility.

The project has delivered a new, world bench mark, for cancer research facilities.

The project comprises approximately 17000 sq.m of laboratories, laboratory write up areas and miscellaneous areas over 8 levels.

The facility is cradled by a stunning facade designed by Lahznimmo Architects & Wilson Architects, in association, fit for the facilities exposed external location on site and required iconic status.

KAE provided Mechanical, BMCS, Cool Rooms, Medical Gas, Fume Cupboard & ESD for the project.

  • PC2 class laboratory air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Air Conditioning to non laboratory areas
  • Fume Cupboards
  • Natural ventilation
  • BMCS for all services
  • Misc. ventilation to specialist areas.
  • Medical Gases central plant and systems for N2, CO2, Vacuum, Compressed air etc

The project is utilising state of the art plant and systems, energy recovery and computerised design to ensure a low energy consuming project, whilst maintaining critical laboratory conditions.

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