Project Description


The KAE team delivered Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulic and Mechanical services for a new Tier 3 data centre in Canberra. “We were able to undertake this project, in rapid fashion, due to our in house expertise and extensive data centre project experience”  KAE.

Project Highlights:

  • 3 off 1MVA transformers
  • Mission critical N + 1 power supply
  • 100% UPS back up systems
  • N + 1 central cooling plant, with free cooling chillers
  • Raised floor design delivering 1200 watts/square meter cooling
  • Inergen fire suppression system
  • Fast track design
  • 3 off 1MVA Standby generators and bulk fuel storage

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KAE has in-depth experience on design and delivery of high efficiency data centres, communication buildings, trading floors and large computer rooms. KAE has undertaken in excess of 125 data centre projects.

Our clients require KAE to understand and resolve the following critical issues important to Data Centres:

  • No loss of power
  • No loss of Air Conditioning
  • Emergency Power Supplies
  • Duplicate systems (Power and HVAC)
  • Fire Systems
  • Alarm Notification
  • Equipment expansion
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Stable Environment
  • High Heat Loads
  • Latest Technology

Data Centre Cooling – Simplified