Project Description

KAE undertook all services design and documentation for this Bowling Club.

The club has undergone a complete refurbishment with the main driver being the new ‘no smoking’ legislation currently being phased in.

KAE was selected to undertake this project based on our previous experience and ability to understand the clubs requirements in terms of utilising existing services where possible, to reduce overall project costs.

Birrong Bowling club recently underwent a major refurbishment of the club, including new lounges, gaming areas, bar, reception and offices. In addition the lighting to  the external greens was up dated.
Services provided: 
KAE were selected as the services consultant to undertake; Mechanical, Electrical, Lighting and Hydraulic Services.

Summary of deliverables:

  • New Air Conditioning & Ventilation
  • POPE required services
  • Specialist indoor & out door lighting