Project Description

KAE undertook the detailed concept and design for this fully air conditioned pharmaceutical warehouse.

The design included detailed assessment of the buildings thermal and moisture transfer characteristics to avoid surface and interstitial condensation.

Computational Fluid dynamics was undertaken to predict the temperature conditions throughout the warehouse to ensure high level rack stored products were adequately conditioned.

Given the sensitivity of the products and minimum industry standards on product storage this project called for stable internal conditions throughout the warehouse. In particular the vertical temperature gradients needed to be maintained.

The success of this project relied upon exhaustive evaluation of building construction techniques and fabric analysis to minimise internal room, temperatures and gradients. This analysis resulted in various fabric selections, construction sealing requirements and minimisation of thermal bridging.

The air conditioning design utilised CFD as a validation tool for this project. Multiple options which were reviewed with various layouts and air flow rates until the optimum design was achieved. The final solution allowed for multiple roof top packaged air conditioning units supplying air via Trox Jet Diffusers.
Summary of Deliverables:

• Even air temperature distribution throughout warehouse

• Energy efficient design

• Construction advice

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