Mechanical Engineering (HVAC)

Mechanical ESD Solutions: Co & Tri Generation;  Chemical Cooling (Absorption Chillers);  Liquid Bio Fuel Generating Plant; Solar Powered Air Conditioning (Evacuated Thermal Tubes);  Chilled Water Storage;  Labyrinths.

Plant: Central Plant Chilled & Hot Water; Air Cooled Condensers (VRF); Condenser Water; Hydronic Heating Systems

Air Supply: Low Temperature VAV; Displacement Ventilation; Traditional High Level Supply; Fabric Duct (Sock Ventilation); Chilled Beams (Active & Passive)



“Find a good Mechanical Engineer and stick to them” …that’s KAE.

Successfully delivering the right solution for your project requires us to understand; the building fabric (thermal properties); ability to control incident solar energy; building usage and the required internal environment.

Once we understand the above we can deliver a science based solution for your project that achieves; lowest running costs, life cycle target attainment; building flexibility for user, within agreed budget expectations.

HVAC systems typically represent your buildings largest energy consumer and has a massive direct impact on the amenity of all spaces. Further we rely on HVAC systems to deliver code fresh air, remove deadly CO emissions in car parks and save lives via smoke control (exhaust & pressurisation). In hospitals we provide the primary means of infection control.

KAE have the right skills:

  • Experience
  • Design
  • Analytical Analysis
  • Reports
  • Review


Mechanical Engineering (HVAC)



Design Excellence


Mechanical Engineering (HVAC) The Establishment Hotel

The Establishment Hotel

Mechanical design (undertaken by our Director) is a great example of delivering intensive services within an exiting heritage building in the Sydney CBD.

Latest Technology

KAE offer industry best solutions including CFD, 3D drawing, thermal modelling, solar modelling ….and more

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


“In my opinion, although under pressure from the start to meet the clients deadlines, Knox Advanced Engineering performed extremely well to achieve the end result. The documents were thorough and of a very high standard and this was demonstrated by NIL variation by the contractor. All persons associated with Knox were found to be very professional & accommodating with a willingness to accommodate last minute changes and still able to deliver at all costs. All in all a very good result”.

Franco Domenici, NSW Public Works
Inner West Health Centre

On this project, KAE have demonstrated the following attributes:

• Well informed on current technical standards and best practice principles;
• Able to offer appropriate solutions, with full consideration of Life Cycle cost criteria;
• Good construction process, including considered Reverse Brief/Reports fully defining scopes and solutions;
• High documentation standards with full appreciation of site constraints/coordination with work in progress;
• Comprehensive diagnostics capability and commissioning verification procedures;
• Flexible with a highly developed Client Service focus

I have found KAE always to be professional, diligent and responsive to client’s needs. I would not hesitate in recommending KAE for work of this nature.

Frank Tong, Atkins Capital Insight