Aquatic Engineering | Public Swimming Pools

  • KAE will attend your site and undertake an audit of the pool water/filtration/chemical treatment systems and advise you on NSW Health compliance. Our report will include advise on:
    • Turn Over Rate (Actual) vs NSW Health recommended
    • Filter types and sizing
    • Pipework layout & sizing
    • Pump sizes
    • Chemical treatment options
  • KAE will audit your present filtration system and report on its filtration capacity, operation, power consumption and so on.

    KAE will report on alternatives, where possible, that allow for lower energy consumption, better water quality, easier maintenance and so on along with anticipated costs and savings.

    Our report will allow you to consider the benefits and costs of a filter up-grade.
  • KAE will attend site and undertake a review of your systems and current maintenance regime & costs.

    We will review what you think is being maintained and what is being maintained and what should be maintained and at what frequency.

    We will review your present maintenance contract and provide comment.

    We will amend your maintenance contract/scope of works or provide new allowing you to go to open market for a new provider, where warranted.

  • KAE will attend your site and undertake an audit of your pool hall and associated systems.

    Our review and stage 1 report will look at your systems and highlight obvious energy savings opportunities. We will discuss with your pool staffs how systems operate, time of operation of plant and systems, set points and the like.

    Our report will list, in priority order, systems or adjustments to save energy for your consideration.

    Our report will, where required detail any recommended further audit measures.

  • KAE will attend your site and undertake a detailed audit of your pool hall and associated systems. This will involve:

    • Obtaining all utility bills (min 12 months)
    • Installing sub meters, where required to log power consumption
    • Installing water flow meters where required etc.
    • Discussing the operation of each system with pool staffs and your maintenance providers

    Analysing each system and determining the predicted energy consumption and comparing against actual consumptions, thus allowing energy savings to be determined.

    Review system up-grades or alternative systems and advised likely paybacks.

    At completion of this Audit you will have a detailed report allowing you to move forward with energy savings projects.

  • KAE will attend you site and review all systems for automation, with the aim of less pool user input, reduced power consumption, continuous logging and trending & reporting of water quality and so on. Our report will highlight available up-grades and costs and benefits allowing you to consider a site automation up-grade.

  • KAE can attend site are review your pool hall and AC systems for causes and fixes for condensation.

  • Pool hall lighting must comply with relevant Australian standards. KAE can review your lighting and design new systems where required.

  • Pool hall lighting must comply with relevant Australian standards. KAE can review your lighting and design new systems where required.

  • All Public pools require water testing to be undertaken on an hourly, daily and weekly basis, with records kept.

    Public Health Schedule NSW

    Some tests require laboratory testing.

    KAE can automate the vast majority of water testing removing this task from pool users.

    KAE can attend your site to review your water treatment and testing systems and design an automatic testing and monitoring system.

    KAE monitor this data and provide a trending and reporting service for each water quality test.

    Where water quality is drifting out of our control band tolerances we can email/SMS you with an alert together with suggested corrective action.

    With laboratory tests KAE can organise this for you and maintain your data or alternatively we can be provided a copy of your results and include on our reporting service to you.

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