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This post follows from my reading of the “14 PATTERNS OF BIOPHILIC DESIGN IMPROVING HEALTH & WELL-BEING IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT”, published by Terrapin.

The Terrapin document details the financial sense to design great buildings and details 14 criteria, that when achieved, result in a great building or space. Great Architectural design is, as ever the key, to a successful project, and adopting BIOPHILIC DESIGN approach will enhance the wellness of each Aged Care project.

Jorgen Knox PIC

Author: Jorgen Knox


Diagram – Biophilic Design – Example


Moving shadows, water movement, free cooling, vegetation, interest, space dimensions…a connection with outdoors…a feeling of well being.

Biophilic design – Aged Care

Biophilic design sits extremely well with Aged Care. Having undertaken many aged care projects and visited many project sites, you consider, “would I want to end up at this centre (must be an age thing)”.

Spend the money, comply with the ’14 Biophilic patterns, and the clientele will follow. Not only this, the aged need and benefit from great spaces, mentally and physically. For many aged, getting out of a centre and being safe is not easy. In these centres we should strive to bring that place of ‘serenity’ to them.

Following, are a few sketches which I hope you find interesting.

Sketch 1: Large Scale Plan showing Gathering/Communal Area I relation to accommodation.


Sketch 2: Biophilic Gathering Area



Sketch 3: Biophilic Gathering Area – Section



Sketch 4: Biophilic Gathering Area – Section



Biophilic Patterns, Check List

The table below contains excerpts from Terrapin document, with comments on engineering comment for patters 4 (Thermal & Air Flow), 5 (Presence of Water) and 6 (Dynamic & Diffuse Light)

Table: Biophilic Patterns, Check List










































The “14 PATTERNS OF BIOPHILIC DESIGN IMPROVING HEALTH & WELL-BEING IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT”, published by Terrapin provides an excellent check list for great spaces.

If you need ESD and Engineering help, KAE can assist.