Apartment Air Flows – Is it All Academic?

 Introduction KAE have undertaken design and construction phase roles for a significant number of residential projects. Apartment air flows are often ignored by designers. We see continuously, poor designs due to simple air flow issues. This post discusses; why outside air is required and how getting the right air flows is crucial in an apartment. [...]

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Aged Care – Biophilic Design

Introduction KAE have undertaken design and construction phase roles for may aged care facilities and are able to offer significant design experience across all disciplines. This post follows from my reading of the “14 PATTERNS OF BIOPHILIC DESIGN IMPROVING HEALTH & WELL-BEING IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT”, published by Terrapin. The Terrapin document details the financial sense [...]

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Air Conditioning of Large Sports Halls – Early Analysis & Design

KAE have undertaken designs for a number of school and leisure centre multi purpose halls. We see continuously, a rush to a neat solution of high level ductwork, served by large AHU's with high outside air capacities. With some early analysis and options discussion with client, Architect and Engineer, often better and more economical solitons [...]

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