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Knox Advanced Engineering, creating exceptional buildings, providing quality internal environments; manipulating built form; minimising energy; delivering best practice solutions. 

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scientists providing specialist engineering advice

We are a group of scientists providing specialist engineering advice and designs for built forms.

For a science based approach to engineering; innovation; use of latest technologies; considered unique solutions, use KNOX ADVANCED ENGINEERING

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“Jorgen, design manager for mechanical services of Ryde Garden mixed use development in North Ryde, completed tender documentation for the job. The market feedback is positive and ranked it as one of the best practical design solutions”.
Jack Qian | Development Director, Country Garden Australia Pty Ltd
“In my opinion, although under pressure from the start to meet the clients deadlines, Knox Advanced Engineering performed extremely well to achieve the end result. The documents were thorough and of a very high standard and this was demonstrated by NIL variation by the contractor. All persons associated with Knox were found to be very professional & accommodating with a willingness to accommodate last minute changes and still able to deliver at all costs. All in all a very good result”.
Franco Domenici, NSW Public Works



Knox Advanced Engineering is a leading consultancy with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.